26 November 2008

{ terrible horrible no good very bad day }

leaving husband behind in New York and going home by yourself with one baby


one WAY longer taxi trip than expected


one very hungry baby (see above)


arriving at the airport 30 minutes before flight leaves (also see above)


carting one diaper bag, one carseat, one carry-on suitcase, one very large suitcase, and one baby through the airport


finding out you must re-pack your bags because they weigh too much


panic because you don't have TIME to re-pack your bags


one very sad child all through baggage check and security (you still have not fed her and she's still very hungry)


finding out your flight is delayed an hour


sitting on the runway for an hour after finally boarding plane


one SCREAMING child (she's now been fed and is screaming for no apparent reason)


staying in seat because seatbelt light is turned on while sitting on the runway




sitting between two men who have never been married and do not have children (nor do they ever want children - see above)


having one of these men LEAVE to go sit in the front with the flight attendants because of your STILL SCREAMING child


sitting in front of a couple with two-month old twins that are being angels and hearing everyone LOUDLY comment on how lovely THOSE babies are being




not being able to go to the bathroom because you can't possibly leave this screaming child with any of the people around you (see above)




one crying mother (we've now been in the air for two hours and child screamed the whole hour we were on the ground - yes, that's now been three hours of SCREAMING)


carting one diaper bag, one carseat, one carry-on suitcase, one very large suitcase, plus the addition of one large box (due to re-packing) and one baby through the airport by oneself again


getting to baggage claim and calling your ride for pick-up and finding out he's nowhere near the airport (even thought your flight came in late)


finding out the reason he's nowhere near the airport is the car he's driving broke down while coming to get you


realizing the car he was driving to come to get you is YOUR car


realizing that means YOUR car broke down


waiting for thirty minutes for new car to come get you


pinching your finally sleeping child's fingers in her carset buckle when putting her in the finally arrived car


one VERY terrible horrible no good very bad day

*That screaming child did finally fall asleep for the last two hours of the flight - I only documented that part of this lovely day.

She somehow looks very innocent after all of that, doesn't she?

*Note - there was one fabulous part of this whole experience. When I had to re-pack my bags, the sky-cap man saw me juggling my many bags and trying to pack everything and came and got me a box to re-pack it all into. He then ended up repacking my luggage for me and waiting in line with me to carry it all up to the baggage check counter. He wouldn't accept a tip for all of this (which probably took him about ten minutes). It was all I could do not to hug him but I settled for shaking his hand and telling him he'd just made my day. Thank you to that dear sky-cap man, whoever you are!

*Note #2 - my flight TO New York was nothing like this. Orva slept the entire way and was an absolute angel. A man sitting behind me offered to take my carry-on suitcase and carseat all the way to baggage claim. He then waited at baggage claim with me (even though he had not checked any bags himself) and proceeded to carry all of my luggage out to the curb. He then somehow got me moved to the front of a very long line of cab waiters, waited with me until a cab came, loaded my luggage into the cab, told the cab driver where I was going, and then said, "This is Christine. She has a brand new baby and it's her first time in New York. Please take very good care of her." He then helped me buckle Orva in and waved to me as we pulled away. So thank you to Jim (I at least found out his name), wherever you are!

{ new york - part six }

Since this is the last post I'll be doing on New York (and then I can finally move on), I'm left with a bunch of randomness and there's not much order to it.

Here are all the leftovers:

The "ORVA" Store

When people would ask us our baby's name and we'd tell them "Orva" they'd comment on the fact that she was named after a store. We had no idea what they were talking about until someone finally told us the location of a shoe store called "Orva". Of course, we had to go find it and take pictures. We couldn't believe it!

The people in the store did not understand why I thought it was so cool to have a store with the same name as my child (especially when that name is Orva!) and thought I was crazy when I asked for a bag to take home. They glared at me when I asked for another for my mom. A girl shopping heard the conversation though, and thought it was just as cool as i did. She followed me outside and offered to take pictures of us in front of the store.

Music Video

This group was playing outside the Metropolitan Museum. I stayed outside for a long time just listening to them - it was really fun and felt very New York-ish.

Public Transportation

For some reason, I feel like I can actually claim to be an adult now that I've ridden a subway and taken a taxi. I hadn't done either of these before we went to New York and I'm proud to say that by the end of our trip, I was feeling pretty comfortable with both.

*One advantage to Public Transportation - when you're not driving and there aren't seatbelts, you can nurse! Orva has nursed on a subway, in a taxi, on a ferry, and on a double decker bus.

Longest Escalator

This is a picture of an escalator coming up out of one of the PATH stations. I happen to be somewhat squeamish about escalators. I wouldn't say I'm exactly terrified of them, but I do get butterflies everytime I get on one. It always takes me a minute to get on because I feel like I'm trying to jump into an already-turning jumprope (I was never good at that as a child - too scary). Anyway, I came to the bottom of this one and about died. It's incredibly long - I'm positive it took at least five minutes to get to the top. I was so anxious I almost just had to close my eyes.

The picture really doesn't do it justice, so please look at it over and over again and then REALLY look at it and then imagine the actual escalator being ten times longer. That should do it.

{ new york - part five }

Sundays in New York were really fun. We went to church with the local ward and it was very neat to see what the church is like out there (still true).

On our first Sunday there, we rode the subway and then walked a few blocks. We weren't positive where we were going, so we were quite proud when we found the building and were even five minutes early. Unfortunately, as we were about to walk in the door, Orva did a big stink. Brad was packing her and reached down to hold her leg and came up with quite a mess on his hand. We realized her stink was dripping onto the sidewalk...and here we are trying to walk into church. People were in front of us and behind us and the missionaries were standing at the door shaking hands. I started laughing and frantically trying to find some wipes to make it stop dripping and to at least get it off of Brad's hand. We scurried into the church and found a bathroom. Brad didn't think he could clean both himself and Orva up, and I didn't want to take Orva and get it all over me. The three of us ended up going into the men's bathroom together to take care of the situation. Yes, several men came in to use the bathroom during the process of cleaning up - we sent them away. You can see pretty well in the picture how bad the blowout really was. It took us so long to get all cleaned up that we walked into the chapel just as the sacrament was being passed. We kept to ourselves in the back so that nobody would smell us and then notice that Brad's shirt had turned yellow and Orva was only in a onesie instead of her fancy Sunday clo. The pack was in such bad shape that we couldn't even carry her home in it. I managed to come through the ordeal unscathed.

My boss's penthouse was within walking distance of the temple. The local ward there meets in a chapel at the temple, so the Sunday we were staying there, we walked along the border of Central Park to get to the temple and go to church. It was really beautiful. When we got there, however, there was a sign on the door saying that the chapel was under construction and church was not being held there. The other locations were too far away to get to in time, so we decided to take a long walk home through Central Park (and of course we were not pleased about the fact that we didn't have to go to church, but still got the benefit of trying). While we were outside the temple, we did take a few pictures.

The Allens (my sister and her family) had come up to join us for some sight-seeing and they came to church (tried to, anyway) with us. Loren went far away across the street to try to get the picture of us with the whole temple. We realized while he was taking the picture that the rest of us must look quite silly. We were standing there on the street corner with quite a group (Brad, Orva, and I along with Laura and her five kids) posing and smiling. Anybody walking by would not have realized that we were posing for the photographer across the street. We laughed very hard at how ridiculous we must have looked.

*While we were looking ridiculous posing for the picture, Brad set our diaper bag down behind us. An hour later, as we were walking through the park, we realized we didn't have it. Brad remembered where he set it so he RAN back to try and find it. The whole time he was gone, I started to realize just how bad it would be if he lost it. My phone was in it and BOTH of our wallets were in it. Brad even had a lot of cash in the money clip on the outside of his wallet (sitting in an outside pocket of the bag...pretty much in plain view). I was flying home the next day...but all my ID and our credit cards were in the bag. I was already planning on having to miss my flight and just go home with Laura until we figured it all out. Then I started to think about losing the actual bag (my coveted giraffe print) and got REALLY sad. However, Brad rejoined us about an hour later with incredible news. He'd gone back to the temple and the bag was not there. He'd walked up and down the street trying to find it - looking in garbage cans and such. Finally he realized my phone had been in it so he just started calling it over and over again. After several tries, a police officer answered. Someone had turned the bag into him and he'd already sent it in to the police station. Brad caught a subway, went to pick it up, and came home with the diaper bag intact and full of all its contents - including the cash in the outside pocket. Amazing! I was so grateful...

Our Sunday Walk in Central Park

The Allen Family Visit

Click to play The Allens
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{ new york - part four }

While we were in New York, my boss was there staying at her apartment. She was hosting a work event one of the days, so I went over for the afternoon and evening to help out. I'd never seen her apartment before, so it was really fun. Brad came and joined me for the actual event and while we were there, my boss offered to let us stay there after she went home. We could hardly pass up an offer like that! We packed up all of our stuff and stayed there for the last week we were in New York.

Her apartment is the whole top floor of one of the AOL Time Warner towers, right on the corner of Central Park. It's a HUGE penthouse and all the outside walls are floor to ceiling glass. From the 80th floor, you get an amazing 360 degree view. The inside, of course, is just as incredible.

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The studio apartment we'd been in was nice, but SO tiny. We felt very spoiled staying in this huge, amazing penthouse. It was just fabulous! Brad even said he'd live in New York if he could live in a place like that (we're not planning on it).

The concierge brought up a crib for Orva to sleep in and in it were all sorts of fancy goodies (stuffed animal, "princess" bib, fancy lotions and shampoos...). We had to document the only time she'll ever be spoiled like that.

While we were staying there, we had a few people on Brad's work team come play Rockband for an evening. We had a great time. I must admit - even though it wasn't mine, I thoroughly enjoyed hosting in such an incredible place.

25 November 2008

{ new york - part three }

Since Orva and I were sitting around by ourselves most of the days we were in New York, we had a lot of time to just hang out (and take pictures).

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I know she looks scared in this photo, but she's just looking really hard. This is actually how she looks most of the time...VERY alert.

Aside from just hanging out, I spent a lot of time on the phone with my mom and sisters getting advice and did a bit of a "baby boot camp" to get Orva on a good napping schedule. She started out not being able to fall asleep by herself at all, so I started putting her down in her crib awake and then 5-5-5-ing her (letting her cry for five minutes, patting her, letting her cry for five more minutes...) until she fell asleep. Very sad, but she learned quickly (sort of - it took the whole two and a half weeks we were in New York) and does great now. She's even fully recovered and still likes me.

She did lots of kicking when she was trying to fall asleep.

Notice the sweaty hair...

*Disclaimer - I know this sounds brutal, but she really didn't end up crying that much. It usually only took a few times of patting her and she was asleep...I say "baby boot camp" only in jest, of course.

When we weren't home hanging out and working on napping, we were out and about doing all sorts of fun things:

Yankees Game (Orva slept through most of it)

Metropolitan Museum

Wicked (I thought it was incredible, Brad said it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be...)

One of my very favorite things we did was our own "dine around". We didn't get any pictures of it (bummer), but we rode the subway to Greenwich Village and then just started to walk around. We decided to choose three different restaurants - one for drinks and appetizers, one for our main course, and one for dessert. We just walked around until we saw a restaurant that looked good and then went in. We kept thinking that we'd probably end up with at least one of the restaurants being horrible, but amazingly enough, all three choices were absolutely delicious! We went to a little Mexican restaurant and had some incredible chips and guacamole with some sort of mango lime drink and one with pineapple and cilantro in it. It was so good. Then we went to a really fancy restaurant for the main course - Brad had a really good steak with some incredible mashed potatoes and I had salmon with some really good veggies. Their bread was also really delicious. For dessert, we found this little frozen yogurt shop. It was so fun! If you're every traveling in a new city and have some time, I highly reccommend this method of finding dinner.

*I know you probably weren't dying for a play-by-play of our menu, but that really was one of my favorite things we did, and with no pictures, I wanted to make sure I remember it!

( new york - part two )

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{ and finally (!), new york - part one }

Everyone, be very proud. Two months after returning home from the trip, I have finally gathered and organized our pictures from New York. There are a lot of them - in fact, I have decided it will take me six posts to put them all up. When I expressed concern about the abundance of pictures left to post (after a lot of narrowing down) Brad told me not to worry about it - it's my blog and I can do whatever I want with it. And so I shall!

New York

Brad got a new job with Goldman Sachs in August and after working for two weeks in Salt Lake, flew to New York for the whole month of September to train in their offices there. Since he left when Orva was barely two weeks old, we decided that he'd miss too much of her little life if we didn't join him. So we did! Orva and I waited until she was three weeks old and then flew out to join him for a few weeks. Goldman put us up in a little (tiny) studio apartment in the middle of Manhattan. We were in a great location, so while Brad was at work, Orva and I went wandering on long walks in different directions every day. We bought fresh fruit and vegetables from the corner street vendor every time we went out, visited many, many fun little shops, and spent a lot of time just watching people walk by. In the evenings and on the weekends, Brad joined us for the major sightseeing. We decided we will never live in New York but will definitely go back to visit!

Goldman Sachs building in Jersey City

Visiting Brad at Work

Since Brad's office was across the water from the apartment we were staying in, I had to take quite the subway trip to get there...all by myself with a three week old baby. I ended up doing this quite a bit, actually, and really enjoyed it. Orva definitely drew a lot of attention - we got stopped everywhere we went. It was really fun to see so many tough New Yorkers get all soft over a tiny baby.

We ended up being in New York on September 11th, which was really neat. We went to a couple different memorials on that day and got as close as we could to Ground Zero (we went back later so we could really see it). Two huge spotlights were shining up from the ground in the location of the twin towers - you could see them from all over and it was so incredible to imagine those beams of light as actual buildings. I felt like we were able to experience a tiny bit of how awful that day must have been for everyone close by. Seeing all the memorials and all the people out paying tribute that night made the whole thing much more real. It was very sad, but also very awe inspiring.

11 November 2008

{ falling behind }

I'd just like to apologize for the lack of posts lately. The next posting I need to do is from our New York trip and I'm still waiting on pictures from my sister (and she's waiting on pictures from me). I just can't bring myself to move forward and go back to that post later, so I'm stalling.

In the meantime, I'll go against all organization and jump ahead to post a current picture of Orva so you'll know that she's not three weeks old anymore.

I'll be back to posting soon and will then update you on everything we've been doing - in order, of course!

{ tagged }

Woo-yahoo! Thank you, Marian, for tagging all the sisters. I have secretly always wanted to do a tag and I was positive that by the time I started blogging nobody would be tagging anymore. I'm pleased as punch.

Here I go:

I am: a happy wife/mom/daughter
I know: the Church is true
I want: to paint my new living room a really dark rich blue with a touch of green
I have: a great husband and a really cute bub
I dislike: un-organized anything
I miss: my wide open condo floorplan (I'm still liking my tiny house, though)
I feel: busy
I hear: the wood burning stove at my in-law's house
I smell: the delicious chili we just ate
I crave: soy ice cream - chocolate velvet, to be exact
I cry: rarely
I search: for an inexpensive mirrored side table for my living room
I wonder: what people think of me
I regret: not hosting more events - I really want to be someone who plans and pulls off great get-togethers and I'm just not
I love: fabulous shoes
I care: about design, fashion, and the way things look (more than I should)
I worry: that I'm missing something I'm supposed to be doing as a mother
I remember: how dad used to hate our "grand puttering"
I believe: in the gospel of Jesus Christ
I dance: only when my husband pulls me away from my cooking/cleaning and dips me in the kitchen
I argue: with Brad when he wants to disagree for the sake of a good discussion
I write: lists and lists and more lists
I win: never (except once when I guessed the right amount of jelly beans in the jar at the orthodontist's office)
I lose: very few things, actually - but I did lose a polka dot shirt in 3rd grade and never figured out where it went (it still bothers me)
I wish: I was better at being gracious and making people feel comfortable in various situations
I listen: to KOSY 106.5 and FM 100 Christmas music starting the day after Halloween (very loudly, too - "You don't have to be an angel, on bended knee...")
I can usually be found: at home
I am scared: of bad men behind my shower curtain (I'm always convinced there's one there and HATE having to check for them)
I need: some really great clear/glass/silver/fancy lamps for my living room
I forget: to return library books (without fail - I rack up fines like nobody's business)
I am happy: being at home with my baby
I tag: anyone else out there who secretly wants to be tagged