14 March 2011

{ confusion }

Orva has been a bit confused about a few things lately...

- She loves to watch Angelina Ballerina and begs for it every morning at breakfast. While she's watching it, she can name all the characters: Angelina ("Anwina"), Vicki ("Bicki"), Gracie ("Gacie"), Polly ("Pawyee"), etc. But for some reason that we cannot figure out, she calls the show "Peanut Butter". When she asks to watch it, instead of calling it Angelina, which she can say, she asks to watch "Peanut Butter". Baffling.

- She's recently become very attached to my pink yoga mat. It rolls up and has a strap that goes around it so you can carry it like a bag. She came out with it the other day and this was our conversation:

Orva: this is mine blue bag.

Me: blue! it's not blue!

Orva: it's pink!

Me: yeah, silly. it's not blue.

Orva: this is mine blue bag.

Later in the day (when she's still carrying it around), we had this conversation:

Me: orva, what is that?

Orva: mine blue bag.

Me: what color is your blue bag.

Orva: it's pink!

She carries it around with her everywhere. She brings it in the car with us, sleeps with it, and tried to take it to nursery yesterday. I said no.

After trying to figure out why in the world she calls it a blue bag, we finally figured it out. She was whining for some water while I was running errands and I kept telling her I didn't have any. Finally she yelled at me that it was in my blue bag, and pointed to my diaper bag. Apparently she thinks a "blue bag" is a diaper bag. While it does explain why she calls the yoga mat a blue bag and carries it around with her, it does not explain why she thinks a diaper bag is called a "blue bag" in the first place. I have never had a blue diaper bag.

And the last bit of confusion...

- Orva brought this bucket of toys to me (note the people in the bus all upside down) and said, "They're cooking! Sshhhh!" Then she got a confused look on her face, got embarrassed, and walked away muttering, "They're not sleeping. They're cooking!"

{ favorite things party }

I'm doing a favorite things party at my house on Tuesday, March 29th. If any of you locals (I live about 30 minutes north of Salt Lake) want an invitation, leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you one.

The basics:

You pick a favorite item (beauty product, treat, recipe, kitchen gadget, book, something hand-made, etc.) and bring five (5) of that one item to give away. You'll leave with five (5) new things from other people.

For the actual exchange of favorite things, everyone puts their name into a bowl five times. Everyone takes turns explaining their favorite thing and then draws five names to give their item away. It's all very exciting - you feel like you "win" something new...five times!

Anyway...anyone is welcome (that I know, at least). Let me know if you want an invite!