24 March 2009

{ eating: take II }

Orva's mealtime tactics thus far:

- Rice Cereal: close mouth as tightly as possible - do not take any more than three bites.

- Oatmeal: shudder and gag and throw up.

- Green Beans: keep mouth open as long as possible so that nothing is tasted or swallowed.

* In the beginning of the video, she's opening her mouth not because she wants another bite but because she doesn't want to taste the previous bite...

21 March 2009

{ eating }

Orva has been eating rice puffs (just plain, as a finger food) for a couple weeks now but I've totally been putting off feeding her other solid foods. It's just so much easier to nurse her. I finally gave in, though, and we started rice cereal the other night. She's pretty sure she doesn't like it.

She puts her hands up by her ears like that when she's sad about things (or tired, or mad, or frustrated, or bored...)

She did, however, love the bib...

...and the spoon...

...and the sippy cup!

The actual food? No thanks.

13 March 2009

{ yes i let my child be seen with this bunch }

My little brother and his friends had a day activity for a highschool dance. The boys got dressed up in disguise and went to the mall and walked around while the girls tried to find them. I was at my mom's house before they left and we came up with the idea of dressing Vic and Kyle up as a couple with a baby...a live baby...my baby. Not only did I give my baby to the cause, Kyle wore my jeans. Yes, he fit into them.

I went with them and followed them around to watch people's reactions. It was hysterical.

*Note: when we got to the mall, one of the boys (the one with the dark curly hair) didn't have a disguise. I had been staying at my mom's and had a suitcase full of clothes, so he is wearing my jeans, my shirt, my jacket, my headband, my sunglasses, and my purse. He's the one that got the wildest reaction out of people - it was awesome.

{ picture update }

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05 March 2009

{ we've recovered }

Moms and babies should never be sick at the same time...especially when the dad/husband is out of town.

After a very long week (+) of r.s.v. and double ear infections for the bub and nasty cold, sinus infection, and achiness for the mom, we're feeling much better.

I will be doing more posting soon.