29 September 2008

{ byu vs. northern iowa }

At two weeks and one day old, Orva went to her first BYU football game. We're pretty sure she was the youngest fan in the stadium. She's not a true-blue fan yet, though - she only lasted until the 3rd quarter and then it was too hot and she was too tired to be very cheerful about the Cougars' success.

* Confession: the pictures with Brad and I in them were taken the morning AFTER the game...we realized we hadn't taken any pictures with us at the actual event and tried to re-create it. I'm pretty sure the dark circles and sleepy looks are a dead give-away, though, so I guess it was pointless to take them at all. whoops. *

{ week two }

More cute pictures of the bub.

{ grandma gibb comes to visit }

Brad's mom came to visit Orva just after she was born. She was able to stay with us for a few days and Orva has already decided that grandmas are just wonderful.

28 September 2008

{ orva and her tiny cousin laney }

Laney came for a visit and we had to get pictures of the twinner dresses. These outfits came from Laura's twins, Gwyneth and Liesel, who are now nine.

Click to play Orva and Laney
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* Elaine (Laney) is five weeks older than Orva...we're not sure if Orva will ever catch up to her in weight or hair-do. *

* Elaine is not usually a sad baby at all...she was just very tired and not wanting to be put down for a photo shoot. I think her sad face is just about as cute as her happy face, though. *

{ sunday finery }

Orva wanted to be fancy for her first Sunday at church (her mom had nothing to do with it).

{ week one }

Pictures from week one that have been deemed blog-worthy...

Click to play Week One
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27 September 2008

{ cousins }

Orva has two cousins that were born just before she was.

Elaine Johnson George

10 July 2008
2nd child of Mike and Bekah
16th Johnson grandchild

Henry Johnson Mott

30 July 2008
5th child of Daniel and Joanne
17th Johnson grandchild

* Post idea and pictures shamelessly stolen from Liza. *

{ flashback: pregnancy }

Pre-blogging pictures...

As you can see, the belly got very large very fast. It was rather alarming.

13 weeks

16 weeks

21 weeks

26 weeks

29 weeks

34 weeks

38 weeks

Brad emailed this gem to many friends and family when I was 17 weeks along. Unfortunately, some had heard (but not seen) that I was quite large for how far along I was and actually wondered if this was real...

"Here is the latest photo of the belly...I really don't think I am showing as abnormally as I was before...although, I can't see my toes, can't wear any of my prego clothes (even the 7-9 months ones) so maybe I'm just getting used to it? Both Brad and I keep getting this funny feeling that it's twins (or quadruplets or even sixtuplets or 15-tuplets for that matter)."

He sent it from MY email account, making it somewhat believable. Hilarious.

Mobile Much Too Soon

At three days old, I put Orva on a blanket on the floor in a patch of sunlight to help with her mild jaundice. In the two minutes I was out of the room, she went from this:

To this:

Needless to say, there has been no laying her down by herself on any un-contained surface since.

{ firsts }

First Diaper Change
(dad's first change, not hers - brad had never changed a daiper in his life up to this point)

First Pabby

First Sponge Bath
(she hated it)

First Sink Bath
(she loved it)

* Orva now takes showers with me every day and LOVES it...however, fortunately for all of you, we have no pictures of this. *

First Night at Home

First Time Sitting in Her Boppy

19 September 2008

{ birthing process }

* WARNING: this post is being published solely for my sake so that I can remember everything about giving birth to my baby. Feel free to either read on or skip this post entirely - just consider yourself warned *

A week before Orva was born, I had a doctor's appointment and found out I was dilated to a four and eighty percent effaced. I had not had any contractions up to that point, so I was happy to see that I was at least doing something. I tried very hard not to get my hopes up and just kept going about my normal business, knowing that I could easily stay at a four for two weeks. I did a great job being patient until the next Sunday when I started to have regular contractions that lasted for about four hours and were consistent whether I was standing up, walking around, or laying down. We were somewhat hopeful and got the diaper bag and hospital bag all packed and ready to go, just in case. By 9:00 that night, though, I decided to just go to bed and see what happened. The next thing I knew it was Monday morning - no more contractions. That whole next week, Brad and I did a LOT of walking. We walked around our house every morning and then around the mall every afternoon or evening. Almost every time we walked, contractions would start up again but they'd also stop again as soon as I sat down. We were very impatient, but decided not to do anything besides walking to try to start labor. I kept the house very clean, kept up on laundry, and went to bed early every night just to be ready whenever she decided to come.

Thursday night, Brad and I sat down to go over some of our birthing class materials and write out more of a plan for the birth. We'd talked a lot about it all, but wanted to write some of it down. We ended up watching the Olympics instead...and even joked that since we didn't get our planning done, she'd probably be born that night. We also talked about how glad we would be if she was born that night that we had spent time together just relaxing. It was actually very nice to just be together and stop thinking about trying to get labor going. We went to bed after a few hours of watching Olympics.

At 2:30 a.m. (now Friday), I woke up to go to the bathroom and my water broke. I went and woke Brad up, but I still wasn't having any contractions so we decided to go back to bed. I really wanted to go back to sleep, but within fifteen minutes of laying down again, contractions started to pick up. By about 3:30 a.m. I could tell they were pretty serious. I got in a hot bath and things still kept progressing. By about 4:30 a.m., contractions were pretty intense. We called my mom to have her come over. At about 5:00 a.m., I told Brad to call her back and tell her to hurry. She got there at about 5:15 a.m. and by then things were steadily progressing and getting more and more intense. This whole time I was able to really feel the contractions progressing and it was not at all easy, but I was really able to stay relaxed and I felt really good about how things were going. At about 6:30 a.m. we left for the hospital (about one minute away). When we got there, I was dilated to a seven and in transition - hurray! Obviously the contractions were long and hard (they were double-peaking at this point and I really wasn't getting much time in between), but I was still able to stay very relaxed and work with the contractions. We had a couple issues with a nurse who was not used to dealing with mothers in labor without medication and didn't understand why I couldn't just lay flat on my back to be monitored. Luckily, the midwife came in soon after that and started monitoring me with a hand-held monitor so that I could move around with the contractions as I needed to (which I was definitely needing at this point). By 8:00 a.m., I was dilated to a ten and fully effaced. I was on my knees on the bed with my arms over a birthing ball, which felt wonderful. My mom was squeezing my hips to relieve pressure, and my doula was rubbing my lower back with tennis balls - which also felt wonderful. Brad was talking me through contractions and helping me stay very relaxed. Things were going so well and I was really feeling great about the whole process.

The midwife suggested that, with my hip problems, delivery may be easier for me on my hands and knees. I stayed in that position and pushed very gradually and slowly for the next twenty minutes. At that point, I was feeling so relaxed and refreshed - my contractions seemed so easy and so far apart. I felt like I could push forever if I had to. After about ten minutes of pushing, I asked how close we were (I was picturing maybe having to push for an hour more or something) and the midwife said, "Oh, honey. Reach down here and feel!" I was able to reach down and feel Orva's head already crowning - it was amazing! The midwife also tricked Brad into helping deliver at this point...she had him supporting Orva's head while she held the monitor on my stomach. When she was ready to actually deliver, she just let Brad stay right there and do it all. It was very fun to have him so involved. One thing I remember about this part is just wanting to take it very slow and really ease up on the pushing so that I wouldn't tear - I'm so glad I did this because it really paid off! I also remember Orva still being very active during pushing. As I was pushing, she was still kicking. The midwife even stopped monitoring her because we could all see her moving from the outside. I was not expecting that and I kept thinking, "Come on, child. I'm trying to focus here - please hold still!"

After about twenty minutes of pushing, Orva was born! They passed her to me through my legs and I just sat down and held her for a long time right there. The nurses and midwife were so good about letting us take our time with her before they cut the cord or anything. We held her for about 45 minutes and I got to nurse her and everything before they took her to weigh her. It was heavenly! The atmosphere during the whole process was very calm and relaxed and peaceful...it was exactly how I wanted it to be.

Things could not have gone better - we feel so lucky!

For those of you who made it this far (if anyone did), here's a little comic relief...

* Brad played these videos for me at the hospital after I told him I didn't like how often the nurses asked me to rate my pain on a level of 1 to 10 (I've never liked that system). The second video is the one that applies to this, but the first video leads into it and is pretty funny as well. *

Brian Regan - Emergency Room, Part I

Brian Regan - Emergency Room, Part II

18 September 2008

{ coming home ]

All dressed up and ready to go home!

We're stuck with her now (but we don't mind too much)!

17 September 2008

{ visitors }

We had a lot of fun visitors at the hospital, but only took pictures of some (we're still getting used to actually using our camera now that we have a child - sorry to those of you who came to visit but did not get pictured).

Uncle Davie and Uncle Vic

Grandma Orva


Visitors not pictured:

Ann and Jane West
Bekah, Mariah, and Elaine George
Wade and Melissa Brown (Ellie's parents)
Abbie Hulme

{ namesake }

Orva is named after her grandma, who is named after HER grandma.

* Orva's cousin Bradshaw has gotten a little confused with a new Orva in the family. My sister (his mom) told him they were going to call Grandma Orva for her birthday. Bradshaw said, "The baby grandma?" Apparently he knows our baby is named after Grandma Orva but he's not sure which name we used - the Grandma part or the Orva part. It looks like a nickname has been coined..."Baby Grandma" *

{ orva johnson gibb }

Since she's the reason we now have enough pictures to even start a blog (and nobody wants to see a blog without pictures), we thought we'd start this whole thing off by announcing her birth.

Here she is!

Orva was born on Friday, August 15th, 2008 at 8:26 a.m. She weighed in at 6 lbs. 14 oz. and measured 18 1/2 inches long. The whole birthing process went amazingly well and we couldn't be happier!

* don't worry - if this post didn't contain enough pictures for you, many more will follow soon *