29 January 2009

{ unfortunate events }

Completely unrelated to each other, these two unfortunate events occured this week.

#1 - For our date night, Brad and I went to a Toyota dealership to test drive a tacoma. We do this every once in a while just for fun, with no intention of actually buying the vehicles we drive. When we were dating, we would pretend we were engaged and say that our parents were buying us a car for our wedding. Now, we always say that Brad has started a new job and we want to upgrade. We don't do it all that often, but yes, this is a horrible thing to do to poor car salesmen. Anyway, this last time of test driving may have cured us of our habit. We were looking at the Tacomas and on a whim, asked the salesman if we could take a look at the new 4-Runners. He went to the other side of the lot to drive one over for us and while doing so, backed the 4-runner into a Tundra. Both vehicles were damaged. We felt AWFUL. He proceeded to tell us that if we were to buy the 4-Runner (damaged) he would give us a really good deal. He quoted us a price and it was, indeed, a really good deal. We nearly bought it just to make his day a bit better and to relieve some of our guilt in being the cause of his trouble in the first place.

We didn't buy it. We still feel guilty.

#2 - Orva was sitting (very happily) in her bouncer while I was taking a shower. She suddenly went from talking and babbling to WAILING and I glanced out to see her on her back in front of the bouncer...on the tile floor. No, I did not strap her in. She wiggled her way right out and even managed to hit the corner of the vanity on the way down. Surprisingly, she recovered quite quickly and I put her back in her bouncer, buckled her tightly, and got back in the shower. After my shower, I was getting ready with her still (happy again) in her bouncer. I tipped my face toner off the side of the counter and it sprayed her right in the eye. We went the rest of the day with a very red side of the face due to direct contact with the side of the vanity and the tile floor and a very red eye due to direct contact with my toner.

This, too, caused much guilt on my part. Hopefully we'll have a better week next week, with less guilt involved.

19 January 2009

{ pictures }

Here are some recent pictures (very cute ones) of the bub. She's getting better at smiling.

11 January 2009

{ francisco and carlos }

My new loves:


and Carlos

We were out and about yesterday and passed some signs advertising a furniture sale. The signs directed us to a sketchy warehouse on a little side street, but we went in and found these gems (I found many many many more gems, but only these two came home with me). It turned out that the sale brought the prices down to only twice our budget rather than four times our budget. I, however, am very good at bartering and talked them WAY down on these two items. The sales lady came back to me three different times with progressively lower price quotes, but I told her I needed it to be even lower so we finally settled on her giving them to me at cost. I couldn't be more pleased. I think the she probably caved when I told her that my house would forever revolve around the one piece (the green) if I could just have it. Or maybe it was when I told her that it would be my Valentine's Day, Birthday, Mother's Day, Anniversary, and Christmas gift for 2009 (it really will be). Or maybe she decided to sell it to me at cost because we were in our Saturday-going-to-Home-Depot-working-on-the-house-no-shower sort of clothes. The store was full of much better paying (and looking) customers and she probably needed to get us out of there. Needless to say, we bought them and I've been sitting on my couch staring at my dear Francisco ever since. I love Carlos, too, but who can compete with this?

* Don't ask about the naming of the furniture. Brad randomly names furniture like that - it all started with Betsy. It's actually quite handy, though. Instead of saying, "go put this away in that one really cool antique Indian lime green table thing in our front room by the window" you can say "go put this way in Francisco". I guess we could call it a sideboard (I think that's what it really is) but Francisco works for me. *

* Francisco really is made from antique Indian doors (200 years old) and Carlos is an antique from China (between 100 and 200 years old). They got Spanish names, though, because Brad did the naming (and because we don't know any Indian or Chinese names). *

* Yes, I will someday post pictures of my whole house and not just snippets. I will even do it before I am "finished" with everything - just not today. *

* So sorry for the plethora of parting notes. *

01 January 2009

{ christmas }

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{ beginning traditions }

Reading Christmas stories beneath the lights on the Christmas tree...