31 October 2010

{ halloween cuteness }

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, but I do really enjoy making my kids' costumes. This year we went for a sock monkey (made entirely out of actual socks) and a kitty cat (with a ruffly cape because I didn't want to join the tutu craze).

Much to my dismay, Orva wasn't thrilled with her costume. She loved it when I painted her face, but within five minutes of having her costume on she started taking it off piece by piece. I tried to be a good mom and not care, but it was very hard (I spent a lot of time on it, darn it). Luckily one of my little cousins fell in love with it and wore it around at our family party. I was secretly hoping the jealousy would kick in and seeing it on someone else would make Orva want it back, but no - she was completely uninterested. Oh well - at least someone enjoyed it!

And because it may never happen again, here's a picture of Brad and I dressed up (as Tony Stark and Pepper Pots). We got invited to a costume party and so we were forced into the Halloween spirit. Since the party was at my old boss's house, we thought it would be fitting if I went as some sort of "assistant".

* Note the Arc Reactor under Brad's shirt...it's hard to see in this picture.

** We got so many compliments on our hair that I might just dye my hair red and Brad might go black. What do you think?