04 January 2012

{ christmas eve }

Here's a photo run-down of the Christmas Eve festivities:

Eating dinner with cousins - Mariah, Orva, and Elaine

Ford and Sally

Reading Christmas books from Grandpa Paul and Grandma Orva

Acting out the nativity scene - Orva and Elaine both wanted to be Mary (although Orva sort of wanted to be an angel, too - hence the tinsel on her head in place of a scarf)

The cutest little shepherd boy you ever saw - Wayne

The Holy Family - Joseph wasn't interested in his costume at this point (and no, that isn't a two-headed baby Jesus - each Mary just needed her own baby)

Sally - the fancy little angel (and she knew it!)

The final scene - somewhat chaotic, but very fun

Christmas Eve jammies (it's kind of fun to have my two little boys match)

And that's it! Altogether a very fun night!

{ our little nativity scene }

Had I been together enough to send out a Christmas card this year, this is the picture I would have used.

And because he's so cute, here's a close-up of that little baby Jesus.