11 April 2010

{ raeford johnson gibb }

Instead of posting pictures of my 39-week pregnant belly, why don't I post pictures of my almost 2-week old baby?

On March 30th, we welcomed our sweet baby boy into the world - three weeks early! It was rather unexpected, but we're thrilled he's here. He weighed in at 6 pounds, 8 ounces and was 19 inches long.

It ended up being the best possible timing and the worst possible timing.

Worst...My younger brother got married on April 2nd, so we attended his reception when Ford was 2 days old and his sealing and luncheon when Ford was 3 days old. Fun!

Best...Because he was born far enough in advance of the tax and audit deadline (April 15th), Brad was actually able to take some time off work. It was heaven!

Another disadvantage - my mom was all wrapped up in wedding stuff and was there for the actual birth but didn't get to come help out until several days later. I was supposed to be all wrapped up in wedding stuff, but was in recovery mode instead. She missed me and I missed her!

Another advantage - my sisters were all in town for the wedding and got to see him.

The actual labor and delivery went phenomenally well. I woke Brad up at 2:00 in the morning and he tried to talk me into going back to bed. I convinced him that wasn't such a good idea and we went to the hospital at about 3:00. Ford was born at 4:45. Brad was glad he hadn't made me go back to bed. *Someday I'll post the whole story - so that I'll remember it all - but for now, those are the basics*

As happy as we are to have him, we weren't at all ready for the little man to come. His crib is half-way sanded down to be refinished...his crib bedding is half-way made...all of his clothes were still in boxes in the basement...we had almost no boy blankets (I'll admit - he's been wrapped in pink a few times) ... my baby shower ended up being when he was a week old rather than two weeks before he was born. Oh well?

Aside from just his stuff not being at all ready, I was in the middle of a million projects - a complete living room make-over with all new furniture...the old furniture going downstairs...a new playroom going downstairs...old furniture downstairs going out...loose ends to tie up in the nursery. All of those projects are still up in the air - and probably will be for a while. Again, oh well? I'm sure it's good for me!

Overall, we're doing great. Ford's been a great baby and Orva seems to be adjusting well (mostly). I'm feeling great and loving being a mother of two! I'm sure Brad will be a lot happier when work slows down and he can actually come home once in a while!

*Sorry for the picture over-load...I figure I post so rarely that I may as well make this one very worth-while*