15 September 2010

{ orva likes to ride her red strider bike }

We got Orva a strider bike for her birthday (we highly recommend it). When we first gave it to her, she was very excited about it but only wanted to push it around and around in circles - she did not like the idea of actually getting on it.

To even get her on it, we had to sing, "Orva likes to ride her red strider bike" to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus" (a common motivating technique in our house). She got on, but still wasn't pleased about it.

She pretty quickly got to the point where she would get on and walk around with it between her legs, but she was more interested in the cargo carrying than the actual riding.

We ended up attaching a basket so she could carry everything (the little foot rests just weren't sufficient for her carrying needs). It ended up being very fun but she spent all her time loading and unloading, with no riding whatsoever, so we took it off again.

She also likes to make fashion statements with her bike - plain onesie, just a diaper, or a backwards princess crown with heels (and no pants).

Her favorite part of riding now is looking for big bumps to go over. She rides along saying, "Find it, big bump!" then goes over one and says, "I did it, big bump!"

She also thinks it is very fun to carry it around with her. She picks it up and carries it all around the house, grunting and saying, "Ah ceggy it! Ah ceggy it!" (translation - "I'm carrying it!")

Overall, the strider bike has been a big hit!

12 September 2010

{ here's what we've been doing }

...since the last time I posted.

- bar b ranch 4th of july (read: insanely busy)
- 4th of july recovery (i don't think i unpacked or did laundry for at least a week after we got home)
- johnson family reunion in yosemite (40 of us - lots of fun)
- bought a lot and started building a house (it's almost done!)
- gibb family reunion in washington
- orva turned 2 (and got a new strider bike)
- ford developed some seriously hefty thighs (that are very ticklish)
- a million other random things that somehow turn out to be very time consuming and leave me feeling very busy

...hopefully someday I'll go back and document our lives in more detail.

In the meantime, some pictures: