10 January 2010

{ grandma orva dress }

This dress belonged to my mom as a child - it's so fun to have Orva wearing it now! I would love to have a nice, classy picture of her in it but she was much too wild during our photo shoot. We'll try again another time.

{ bubble bath }

* Sorry for the sideways video...I don't have a program on my computer that will rotate it and I always forget to turn the camera while I'm actually shooting the video. *

[ announcing ]

I tried to post these pictures six weeks ago when I was actually 20 weeks along, but had some glitches getting the pictures off my camera and have not made another attempt until now. So, these pictures are now entirely inaccurate (I'm much bigger now at 26 weeks) but I'll post them anyway.

Baby BOY Gibb is due on April 19th.

* Also, I know (hope) most of you already know about this pregnancy, but I feel more official posting it on the blog. Don't ask why - first, if things had to be posted to my blog to be official, nothing in my life would be official. Second, I've been sick enough to be very officially pregnant (feeling better now). Third, my belly is very big and quite officially pregnant-looking. *